Brian’s Portfolio (7/2013)

As of the first of July my portfolio has picked up a little bit of speed. I now have 36 notes purchased (all at $25) and am looking at an average rate of return of 15.62%

Here’s the breakout of my notes:
A: 0.0%
B: 44.0%
C: 30.4%
D: 11.4%
E: 11.3%
F: 2.8%
G: 0.0%

As you can see I’ve started investing in loans with higher interest rates. I’ve been using some risk calculators so that I only invest in higher interest loans that I have some confidence in. I’ve also started to invest in 60 month notes. Originally I was sticking to only 36 month notes but as I’ve done more research I’ve decided to stop limiting my searches with that criteria. As of now 85.9% of my notes are 36 months in length and the remaining 14.1% are for 60 months.

Here’s the status of my notes:
Performing: 100%
Late/Default: 0%
Charged Off: 0%

So far I have yet to have a loan default. I’m sure it’s just a matter of time before I do but those statistics are looking pretty good right now.

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