Brian’s Initial Portfolio (June, 2013)

I should start off by posting the current statistics for my portfolio so that we can appropriately see the growth over the coming months. I’ll tell you now that there’s relatively not much in there (less than $1,000) but that just makes it all the more relevant to you, a normal working person. If you came here to learn about Lending Club and how to make some decent returns then you’re probably not going to invest more than $1,000 right off the bat anyways. You’re a hard working individual who doesn’t want to throw money into something they’re not sure of… that’s something we here completely understand.

My current breakout is as follows as of June 2nd, 2013:
Available Cash: $7.48
In Funding Notes: $150.00
Outstanding Principal: $565.35
Accrued Interest: $4.09
Account Total: $726.92

My Payments as of June 2nd, 2013:
Principal: $9.65
Interest: 5.01
Total Payments: $14.66

Net Annualized Return: 13.90%

My Notes at-a-Glance:
In Funding: 6
Issued & Current: 23
Fully Paid: 0
Late 16 - 30 Days: 0
Late 31 - 120 Days: 0
Default: 0
Charged Off: 0

All of my notes are at $25.
B Notes: 17
C Notes: 9
D Notes: 2
E Notes: 1

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