Brian’s Portfolio (10/2013)

At the end of October my portfolio had 79 notes in it. My average rate jumped climbed to 19.03% due to taking on even more high interest notes.

Note Breakdown:
A: 0.0%
B: 17.7%
C: 11.9%
D: 34.4%
E: 25.2%
F: 4.0%
G: 6.7%

Loan Statuses:
Performing: 98.2%
Late/Default: 1.8%
Charged Off: 0%
Fully Paid: 0%

Length of Notes:
36 Months: 48.0%
60 Months: 52.0%

If you’re following my monthly statements you’ll notice a continuing drop in the number of B and C notes that I’ve been buying. I actually haven’t bought a B or C note in the past 3 or 4 months and have instead continued to focus on D - G notes. I feel like my filters are serving me well and buying B & C notes just won’t give me the return that I want. I continue to have 1 note in the late period but the buyer is making partial payments here and there on it. It’s really the oddest thing.

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