Q & A with NoteX360 - Execution Services for the Alternative Lending Market

NoteX360LogoI reached out to Simon Hermiz who is the co-founder and CEO of NoteX360 to learn more about their offerings.   The easiest way to understand NoteX360 is that they are an aggregator and execution provider for the alternative lending market. Thus, family offices and institutional investors come to them with credit models and filter strategies. NoteX360 executes on behalf of clients using their low latency ordering management system. [Read more...]

Overview of Orchard Platform - Peer to Peer Lending for Institutional Investors

OrchardPlatformLogoFrom time to time, I like to feature other companies involved in the peer to peer lending space.  Orchard Platform is one of many companies involved in investing money in peer to peer lending for institutional investors.  I spoke to Matt Burton from Orchard to learn more about Orchard and get his insight into the p2p lending industry. [Read more...]

Looking Glass Investments Interview (Institutional P2P Firm)

Recently there has been a lot of talk around the peer to peer lending community about institutional investors. Peer to peer institutional investors are companies who invest in places such as Lending Club and Prosper on behalf of their clients.  We reached out to one named Looking Glass Investments (LGI) which is headquartered in Milwaukee, WI. We had the opportunity to talk with co-founders Matthew O’Malley and Dr.Chad Cotti about their experience in the industry.
[Read more...]