From the Peer And Social Lending Mailbox – #2

PeerAndSocialLendingMailboxAs the blog continues to gain readership, I often get questions from the contact form. We all know that there is no such thing as a stupid question.  Folks also seem to have similar questions - so what better way to spread the word about peer to peer lending than to post my responses on the blog.  I enjoy hearing from others and it often gives me a different perspective on things.  With this industry still being relatively new, people are at all different levels as far as educating themselves and I need to keep this in mind.  I hope you enjoy these posts as much as I enjoy hearing from readers.  Let’s get started! [Read more...]

From the Peer And Social Lending Mailbox - #1

PeerAndSocialLendingMailboxAs this blog has continued to become more popular, I am starting to get some questions from the contact form. I really enjoy hearing from others who are excited about this industry so keep the emails coming! As I was writing response emails last week, I thought about how there may be many other people out there with the same question.  As I continue to learn more about p2p lending, I need to remember that others may still be trying to learn. I too was in the same situation when I first got started.  It’s also nice to get a different perspective on things.  The Peer & Social Lending Mailbox is just a trial for now, but we will see how things go.  Personally, I’d love for this to turn into a regular occurrence. The plan is to share emails and my responses that I think could help others.  If I can’t answer them, I might try to reach out to someone else for comment.  I’m also trying to figure out the best way to help new readers find content that is valuable to them as they educate themselves on peer to peer lending so keep an eye out for some changes. Keep in mind that none of the information I provide is investment advice and nothing on this blog should be considered as such.  Check out our first email from James below!

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