Below you will find the top sites to learn more about peer to peer/social lending. Some of these companies we have featured interviews with so be sure to check them out.

Peer & Social Lending Blogs and Community Sites

Lend Academy - - Peter at Lend Academy provides tons of news updates and interesting stories on a regular basis.  He also runs the LendIT conference and the #1 peer to peer lending forum

Lending Memo - - Another great social lending blog.  Simon has some very unique posts that you should definitely check out.

Lending Club


Other Peer to Peer Lending Sites

Groundfloor - our question & answer session with one of the co-founders here

Looking Glass Investments (institutional peer to peer lending company) - our write up on our interview here

Third Party Loan Picking Sites & Tools for Peer to Peer Lending

We only post sites that we are familiar with and that we would use if we don’t already.

BlueVestment - - Free automated investing with Lending Club using filters as well as p2p-picks.

Lending Robot - - Learn more about them by checking out our interview

Nickel Steamroller -  - Interview coming soon.  This is by far the best site we have seen as far as free analytics.  Michael has done a great job providing all sorts of valuable data. The best thing about it, all of the information on his site is free, although there is a premium service.
Cost: Free Beta
Description: P2P-Picks uses statistical models to select which notes have the highest chance of providing excellent returns. Automation coming soon.


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