My Experience at LendIt 2014

#LendIt2014 swag

#LendIt2014 swag

I recently got back from my trip to San Francisco for LendIt 2014.  It was my first trip to California and I enjoyed everything about my visit. I first have to thank Peter and his team at Lend Academy and LendIt for the opportunity.  Without their generosity to allow me to volunteer, it wouldn’t have been feasible for me to attend.  Enthusiasm filled both rooms at the Hilton over the course of the two days. It is incredible to think how far the industry has come since I started following it last year.   [Read more...]

Peer & Social Lending will be at LendIt 2014!

LendIt - the leading conference for p2p lending is May 4-6 2014.  Through a combination of credit card rewards, generous friends in the area offering a couch and a great p2p lending community - I am extremely excited to announce that I will be in attendance!  I never thought that this would be a possibility for 2014 and I can’t wait to be immersed with a group of people and companies who are just as excited as I am about the p2p lending industry.  I am committed to creating valuable content for readers and learning more about p2p lending will only continue to keep me motivated.  This an interesting time in history as traditional banking continues to be disrupted.  If you’re going to be at LendIt, be sure you stop and say hi!  I’ll be the one lobbying for LendIt 2015 to be in Wisconsin :)

If you want to learn more about LendIt 2014 check them out online here: