Brian’s Portfolio (9/2013)

As of the first of September my portfolio had 55 notes in it. My average rate jumped climbed to 18.44% due to taking on even more high interest notes.

Note Breakdown:
A: 0.0%
B: 26.2%
C: 17.5%
D: 20.6%
E: 18.7%
F: 5.7%
G: 11.3%

Loan Statuses:
Performing: 97.5%
Late/Default: 2.5%
Charged Off: 0%
Fully Paid: 0%

Length of Notes:
36 Months: 62.3%
60 Months: 37.7%

Everything is looking decent on the loan front. I had my first loan go into late status. I’m not too worried about it because the borrower contacted Lending Club asking to set up a Payment Plan. At least the borrower was pro-active and it wasn’t really a surprise to me.

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