Prosper Automated Investing with Nickel Steamroller

I recently got to a point financially where I was comfortable investing with Prosper.  I wanted to be able to compare the two platforms as well as diversify my peer to peer lending investments across both Lending Club and Prosper. As an added bonus, you get to follow along as I report on my returns and learn how I invest with Prosper.  Since I have no interest in hand selecting loans, it was a no brainer for me to automate with Nickel Steamroller - which is currently free. If you’re interested in automating your investing with Nickel Steamroller, please be sure to contact them and let them know I sent you.  They also offer automation with Lending Club and in my opinion are the number one resource for peer to peer lending analytics. In my next post, I plan to outline more in detail my thoughts on investing with Prosper, but for now here is my latest video on automating my Prosper investing with Nickel Steamroller!

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  1. wpscott says

    Nice job on the quick video. I attempting to try to use NSR for auto investing but did’t see how. I did just send them a comment yesterday but your video confirmed it needs to be a request. Good tip on setting all types of grace/late/defaults to 1. Because of Prospers AA, it appears that LC D = Prosper C; LC E = Prosper D, etc. You can see that here:!/ under “Current Loan Issuance Interest Rates”

    • says

      Thanks! Yep, they will take care of you. Someone else suggested setting them all to 1 to get a less inflated value for returns and it really works well. I’ll be doing an update once we can get P2P-Picks hooked up with NSR.

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