BorrowersFirst Secures Funding and Is Set to Disrupt Peer-to-Peer Consumer Lending

BorrowersFirst™ Secures Funding and Is Set to Disrupt the Peer-to-Peer Consumer Lending Space
BorrowersFirst™ Redefines the Peer-to-Peer Consumer Lending Model.

NEW YORK, May 7, 2014, BorrowersFirst, (, a new fintech entrant, today announced that it has secured equity and debt funding from SF Capital Group, a firm known for its successful fintech investments.

Newly appointed Chairman of the Board for BorrowersFirst and SF Capital Group President, Neil Wolfson, outlines how BorrowersFirst plans to surpass P2P first movers and newcomers with improvements that serve both borrowers and lenders:

“BorrowersFirst is capitalizing on the opportunity to deliver valuable innovation,” says Mr. Wolfson. “Most significant is BorrowersFirst’s commitment to combine whole loan sales, matched to the varying needs of institutional lending partners, with on-balance-sheet funding. On-balance-sheet capital allows us to differentiate our model in the marketplace,” Mr. Wolfson continues. “It demonstrates confidence in our proprietary underwriting methodology, showing lenders that we are aligned with them and willing to ‘eat our own cooking’. It allows BorrowersFirst to lend to the underserved, emerging, but not-yet-prime borrower, and to deliver that funding more immediately and with more flexibility than other companies.”

Connected Credit™: Connected consumers want a better experience and faster approvals when they borrow. BorrowersFirst is focused on improving the borrower experience with its Connected Credit™ model: fast, friendly, transparent, responsive service, along with education at Money Stoop, the newly established money-meets-pop-culture website where borrowers can “hang out and get money” in an engaging way.

Custom credit scoring: Expert risk modeling, credit scoring, and underwriting practices enable BorrowersFirst to achieve a clear view and a well-tailored response to borrowers across all walks of life, including those who are underserved and under-banked by traditional lenders.

Meeting borrowers where they are: BorrowersFirst’s advanced lending platform can easily integrate into partner or corporate sites, making it easier for consumers to “connect to credit” at home, at work, and even through their jobs, as BorrowersFirst customizes employee lending initiatives with large employers.

“There are two key factors influencing BorrowersFirst’s success,” Mr. Wolfson explains: A business model that is focused on adapting and delivering necessary improvements to a fast-moving fintech marketplace. Second, and more important, BorrowersFirst has an extraordinarily talented and seasoned management team, not typically in place at a new company. Each member has 20 years plus experience and outstanding track records earned working in successful firms in the lending industry.”

About BorrowersFirst™
BorrowersFirst is a next-gen lending platform that provides borrowers with an alternative to traditional financing sources. BorrowersFirst provides fast, easy access to personal loans on transparent terms, friendly service, and engaging financial advice wrapped in a compelling brand that matches borrowers with institutional lenders to promote Connected Credit™. BorrowersFirst is uniquely positioned to provide loans to a wide spectrum of borrowers, while meeting the varying investment profiles of our institutional lending partners, by mixing whole loan sales with on balance sheet funding.

About SF Capital Group
SF Capital Group is a private investment firm that invests across all asset classes with a flexible, long-term investment focus. SF Capital’s portfolios includes allocations to traditional as well as alternative investments such as hedge funds and private equity. The firm also invests in direct equity and debt investments of private companies.

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